Music by Marco Missinato

It is becoming difficult in today’s music to find melodies that can potentially become classics. This is not the case of “MUSIC TO MAKE LOVE”, an album that certainly will occupy a permanent space on the music shelf of the music lovers. “MUSIC TO MAKE LOVE” is a collection of vocal and instrumental songs which demonstrate the wide variety of musical influences that inspire the Italian born composer Marco Missinato. 

Among the compositions all exquisitely arranged and produced by Marco, includes “Missing Helena” which features the sensual and unique sound of the great saxophone player Steve Tovaglioni. “Amor Perdido” stands out with its simple but sophisticated melody and for the intense and passionate sound that is created between Marco’s vocals, guitar player Ramon Stagnaro and pianist Joe Rotondi. The lyrics are by Grammy nominee Thania Sanz. In “Mariam’s Love” SteveTovaglioni is accompanied by pianist David Goldblatt and cellist Sarah O’Brien. 

In “MUSIC TO MAKE LOVE” the listener will find a strong atmosphere of intimacy and feel a connection not only with their partner but also with that sacred love sleeping inside all of us. This is the power that music reaches at its peak and this is certainly the power of “MUSIC TO MAKE LOVE”.


Music to Make Love

By Marco Missinato
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