Music by Marco Missinato

“Nostalgia” is Marco Missinato’s first instrumental album. It is probably his most introspective one. The compositions purely reflect the mysterious nostalgia felt by Marco during the first part of his life. 

Entirely recorded live, “Nostalgia” has a very distinctive sound. In it you will hear wonderful performances from musicians like Japanese guitarist Masa Kohama and Swedish drummer Roger Karlsson. The highly seductive trumpet of Chris Tedesco is heard on “Reflections”, while it is impossible to resist to the infinite sense of serenity and love that comes through Kohama guitar in “Shine”, “That Sadness Inside”, “Goodbye Twenty” and “The Abandonment” are masterpieces of great intensity. 

The attentive listener will surely greet this recording with great enthusiasm and enjoy the feeling of a deep and meditative atmosphere.



By Marco Missinato
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