"Everything is music, the entire existence is a Grand Symphony"

Marco Missinato

"A very special and unique sound resides within each of Us"

Marco Missinato

"When you feel pure Love you hear Music, when you hear pure Music you feel Love"

Marco Missinato

"Live music is an energy field to support the transformation of separation into Love and Oneness

Marco Missinato

"Everything is Love, Music is here helping us remembering it"

Marco Missinato

Enter into the inner most depths of your heart and experience the divine musical journey of Unfolding Secrets. This inspirational symphony for the Heart draws forth the divine energies of ethereal vocals and celestial music. It will enfold you with the joy and peace of becoming Love made manifest Now on Earth.


Unfolding Secrets

A Symphony of the Heart

By Marco Missinato
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