The Truth about Music

Marco Missinato talks about the unfolding hidden power of Organic Music and in what way it will effect Humanity and Mother Earth.

The Dream

In the dream I see thousands of us coming from everywhere on Earth gathering around the music, fully embracing the love and the oneness purging from the pure notes and the lovingly healing sounds of the many musical instruments.

My life so far:

Perception of the World and Music

What are the vision and intent within Sounds of Oneness

“For Music to reach its full organic power rules, regulations, reasons and agendas of the current music industry on how to create music need to be dropped”


An extraordinary voyage of sounds and melodies

The mysterious process of melody creation

By playing a few notes in the piano and/or singing along a chord progression (a sequence of harmonized notes) I enter a state of deep meditation and open a conduit through which melodies take form.

The Door of Music

Music allows us to hear the voice of our heart telling us where to go

Music: the fastest conduit to my true self

Somehow, when music was present, whatever was happening in front of me would become very similar to the experience of a dream and everything would be instantly surrounded by a deep feeling of Love.


Music has the ability to unify All that exists. We all come from sound (frequencies),  When we deeply reconnect with our inner frequency blue print, we find our lost resonance with Life’s Grand Symphony Orchestra. We find the SOUNDS of ONENESS. Music spawned from innocence, from a pure heart, free of attachment to any particular agenda or egotistic influence, has the ability to facilitate such process as it dissipates the illusion of separation.

My goal is to bring to humanity sound and music that goes straight to the heart, bypassing the mind and ego, creating an instantaneous sense of union and profound connection with life.

Join me in this most magical journey of sound and music, the journey of SOUNDS of ONENESS

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